Ecochain Expands to North America with First U.S. Partnership

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Circle Economics will be the first to introduce U.S. clients to the sustainability software platform.

Boulder, Colorado, January 22, 2019 – Circle Economics and Netherlands-based Ecochain announced a partnership today marking the corporate sustainability software company’s entrance to the U.S. market. Ecochain already is used by hundreds of major European corporations. Now, through consulting firm Circle Economics, U.S.-based companies will receive introduction to the unique, data-driven insights Ecochain provides to help businesses become more sustainable and profitable.

“Ecochain is remarkable in the sustainability software space for the ease with which companies can footprint environmental impacts across their entire portfolio of products,” said Circle Economics founder and principal, Marca Hagenstad. “The embedded Environmental Cost Indicator then monetizes the impacts, translating them into a more familiar and comparable unit of measurement - dollars. For economists in corporate sustainability, this is the tool we’ve been searching for, and I’m excited to help bring it to the U.S. market.”

The Ecochain platform is based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology but conducts assessments simultaneously across a portfolio of products using the unique “Activity Based Footprinting (ABF)” methodology, offering much greater efficiencies than conducting LCAs for singular products and generating the largest global database of footprints. Ecochain allows hot spot and cost analyses to be performed to inform a business strategy in which profits are increased and environmental losses are reduced.

Ecochain was founded in the Netherlands in 2001 and is used by over 1,100 professionals worldwide, including clients such as IKEA, Phillips, Dunlop and Cargill. Phillips used the platform in preparing their Environmental Profit & Loss (EP&L) statement in 2018, which was the first EP&L to receive the highest-level assurance from an independent auditor, Ernst & Young (EY).

“Ecochain recognizes the expertise of Circle Economics to implement and interpret our software into profitable action for U.S. clients,” Ecochain Co-Founder, Boudewijn Mos said. “Our companies share a similar culture that’s focused on enabling improvements in the sustainable business cases of companies in all sectors, especially in manufacturing, construction, chemicals, agriculture and packaging. We believe Circle Economics is well positioned to demonstrate the value of transparent environmental footprinting for the whole value chain.”

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About Circle Economics

Circle Economics was founded to facilitate the transition to a sustainable and circular economy. The consulting firm helps companies understand their environmental footprints, increase engagement with their supply chains, and use sustainability data to drive business strategy. Visit


About Ecochain Technologies

Ecochain Technologies is a software and consulting company, providing insights into the key leverage points for sustainable innovations. Ecochain is a unique environmental intelligence platform, offering integrated reporting value that enables everyone to collaborate in making sustainable change. Ecochain has offices in the Netherlands and Germany. Visit



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