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Impact flows

Gain insights into the materials or processes that contribute to the environmental footprint of your products.



Determine product level impacts and share them with your customers with visualizations through Ecochain’s “Ecostories.” Ecostories is a revolutionary marketing tool to tell the story of your product’s footprint and engage customers to make sustainable change. You have full control over your Ecostories and can add content, publish and de-publish pages within minutes.

Circle Economics uses Ecochain to create sustainability insights from data already available in the energy and resource flows at the company, product and/or materials levels.

Ecochain allows hot spot and cost analyses to be done together to inform a business strategy in which profits are increased and environmental impacts, or environmental losses, are reduced. It enables True Cost Accounting and the preparation of Environmental Profit & Loss (EP&L) statements using the Environmental Cost Indicator, which monetizes environmental impacts.

Ecochain was founded in 2001 and is used by over 1,100 professionals worldwide, including IKEA, Philips, Cargill and Dunlop. Ecochain has offices in the Netherlands and Germany. Circle Economics is proud to be Ecochain’s first U.S. partner.

With Ecochain, we can:

  • Increase efficiencies and profits

  • Reduce business risks

  • Maximize sustainable growth

  • Bring the unknown to the known

  • Assure your supply chain of data privacy

  • Calculate emissions for reporting to CDP

  • Pinpoint green growth opportunities

  • Create product level impact sheets

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… use Ecochain worldwide to build sustainable business cases.




… use the Ecochain platform to build sustainable profitable value chains.



products footprints

… have been calculated by clients using Ecochain. Together we are creating one of the largest global databases with authentic footprint data.

“Ecochain helps us to reduce costs, improve processes, reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. Due to Ecochain, we can measure and improve our performance, and we do it on a monthly basis.”
— Alexander Pouw, Commercial Director, Theo Pouw Groep