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Our Mission:


We give companies data-driven insights to become more sustainable, profitable businesses.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to facilitate the transition to a sustainable and circular economy. We do this by helping companies understand their environmental footprints, increase engagement with their supply chains, and save money with greater efficiencies throughout operations.


Our Services

At Circle Economics, we help companies collect, analyze and extract the most value out of sustainability data. We work with companies at all stages of their sustainability planning, especially those looking to dive deeper into data anaytics for advanced strategies.



Strengthening relationships within your supply chain can reduce emissions for your products (4x on average), reduce costs and risks, meet stakeholder demands, and improve reporting scores. Circle Economics can help you ensure protection of data collected from your supply chain partners while giving you better visibility into your products and performance.

REPORTING and Strategy

Whether you’re reporting to shareholders, customers, consumers or a reporting agency, we can help you collect and analyze your data. Circle Economics calculates sustainability metrics, including GHG inventories, and performs reporting ensuring accuracy and compliance with sustainability indices (including CDP, Higg, Dow Jones, and the Sustainability Consortium). We will help you go beyond reporting to extract the most value from your data and guide your business strategy.


Measuring the environmental performance of operations, processes, products and supply chains is the first step to improving it. Circle Economics can help you conduct Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) simultaneously across your operations and product portfolio to compare the footprint of individual products and identify hot spots where it’s cost-effective to take action.

Circular ECONOMY

Designing out waste and pollution is the path to a circular economy. Circle Economics can guide you on this path and in the process, inherently find ways to reduce operating costs and increase profits. As the largest portion of your products’ environmental footprint often occurs not in manufacturing, but after your customers receive the product, we can help you to include use & end-of-life impacts in product design.


Monetizing environmental impacts translates them into a more familiar and comparable unit of measurement - dollars. We offer this service for Natural Capital Assessments, Environmental Profit & Loss Statements (EP&Ls), and True Cost Accounting. We similarly offer valuation of ecosystem services, including values for recreation and non-use values.


Our Technology Partners



Ecochain is an Environmental Intelligence Application designed to provide insights into the key leverage points for sustainable innovations and drive sustainability across value chains. Circle Economics can help you deploy Ecochain across your operations and supply chain, and gain complete visibility into your environmental performance. Be empowered to manage, understand and report complex environmental data in one accessible, secure, and transparent system. Click below to read more about Ecochain and its capabilities.

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Strengthen engagements with your customers by helping them make the transition to solar with EnergySage. Circle Economics strives to simplify the transition to a clean economy and selected EnergySage as a partner because they streamline the process of acquiring residential solar. Ask us how you can become a trusted source of guidance for your customers and employees. Click on link below to see how companies like Staples are helping their customers make the transition to renewable energy with EnergySage, the easiest way to go solar.


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